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DCFS Adoptive Home Inquiry
Today: 5/26/2024

Welcome to the Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS)
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The Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is seeking qualified Resource Families

If you are interested in fostering (including foster and adoption), please click here.

In Arkansas, there are over 4,000 in foster care at any given time with an average of 1,200 active foster homes to provide care to these children. Most children in foster care have experienced trauma not only related to abuse and neglect, but also the trauma of removal from their family and everything that represents family to them. Many of the children are removed from their birth family or legal parent due to neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and/or sexual abuse. DHS/DCFS has attempted to work with the birth family to resolve problems, but the parent’s rights were either voluntarily or involuntarily terminated by the court due to ongoing safety concerns. An adoption cannot take place unless the birth parent or legal parent’s rights have been terminated by the court.

In Arkansas, there are about 290 children in foster care awaiting a “forever” home. Many of these children have special needs, but all 500 children are waiting for qualified families to make the lifetime commitment to be their forever home. The greatest need is for families willing to make a commitment to older youth, sibling groups, and children of all ethnicities.

The Division of Children and Family Services mission statement

Our mission is to keep children safe and help families. DCFS will respectfully engage families and youth and use community-based services and supports to assist parents in successfully caring for their children. We will focus on the safety, permanency and well-being for all children and youth.

The Arkansas child welfare practice model framework: At One Table

The Arkansas child welfare practice model describes all of our efforts to renew our work with families and aligns us more readily with our division’s mission. It reflects our values, principles, agency practice, and staff actions at all levels. The practice model is the way our systems work together to serve children and families. To learn more about our At One Table Practice Model, please click here.

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