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The Arkansas Department of Human Services Excluded Provider List contains persons, providers, or facilities who are excluded from doing business with the Arkansas Department of Human Services.

The Arkansas Department of Human Services maintains this Excluded Provider ListĀ to comply with federal requirements (Medicare and Medicaid Protection Act of 1987 as amended and disqualified schools, institutions and individuals under the Child Nutrition Act, 42 U.S.C. 1760(r)) and pursuant to DHS Policy 1088 Excluded Providers. This means that a person or provider can be on this DHS Excluded Provider list and yet is not an excluded Medicaid provider and is not a disqualified Child Nutrition provider. DHS Policy 1088 regarding Excluded Providers allows a person or facility to be included on the DHS Excluded Provider List for a variety of reasons outlined in the policy. One reason can be when the person or provider failed, without good cause, to perform or act in accordance with statues, rules, contracts or purchase orders. Medical providers who are excluded from Arkansas Medicaid must not order, prescribe, or provide services to any clients. Medical providers are liable for all fees paid to them by Arkansas Medicaid for services rendered by excluded individuals and are subject to audits and recoupment of any Medicaid funds paid for services. Medical providers are responsible for checking this list as well as the federal list (located here) upon hiring and periodically thereafter. DHS updates this list regularly in an effort to include all Medicaid Excluded Providers placed on the list by authorized federal or state authorities. If you have an inquiry about the Arkansas Department of Human Services Excluded Provider List, please email (DHS.ExcludedProviders@dhs.arkansas.gov).

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