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Privacy Policy

This computer is restricted to use by authorized persons only and may be used for official business purposes only. This computer and network may be monitored to detect improper use or illicit activity. The user may hold to no expectation of privacy in the use of this equipment. Penalties may be applied for unauthorized access or unofficial use. Penalties for non-employees may include civil and/or criminal prosecution. Penalties for employees may include discipline and/or prosecution. Employees are subject to DHS policies pertaining to safeguarding of private information, appropriate use of state equipment and use of electronic communication services, sanctions for violations contained in DHS Conduct Standards, and penalties provided for in state and federal law. Applicable DHS policies include: DHS-1001 Secure Employee Communications; DHS-1002 Secure Employee Workstation; DHS-1085 Minimum Conduct Standards; and DHS-4002 DHS Privacy and Security Sanctions. DHS Policies can be accessed from DHS Share.



Version: 2.18.22